Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #6.5) - J.R. Ward I bought this through B&N’s Nook browser thinking I was getting the entire Insider’s Guide since that was the title. DON’T BE FOOLED IF YOU’RE ORDERING THROUGH B&N! It is only the story Father Mine not the entire Insider’s Guide.

I highly enjoyed this story despite feeling duped by B&N. I recommend reading this after reading Lover Enshrined because you risk running into spoilers. With that said please don’t continue reading this review if you haven’t read Lover Enshrined. :)

What I loved about this novella is that it helps to fill in the blanks of Nalla’s birth during Lover Enshrined and the epilogue of Lover Awakened. Zsadist and Bella have always been my favorite couple, mostly because of Z and Bella’s love and respect for each other. I’m always a sucker for a tortured hero and Z fills that bill in nicely. In the regular books we know that Z has had to overcome a horrendous past in order to be with Bella, but we never see how much further he needs to go in order to be a father to Nalla. Father Mine helps fill in that gap of how Z was able to at least begin his journey to fully letting go of his past.

Zsadist’s journey to letting go is not an easy one and it takes an army of supporters like Doc Jane, Mary and some of the brothers to help him along the way. It is great to see these characters in action coming together to help Bella and Z out. Bella, as well has her own journey to go through. Apparently, vampire mommies, like humans, go through post-partum depression and need to learn how to balance being a mom and a wife. Together these two really make a perfect couple with Bella’s tough love and Z’s willingness to do anything for her. I love that this novella story makes their story come full circle and helps readers fill in some time while waiting for the next book.