Shadows - Jennifer L. Armentrout After reading Obsidian, I immediately dove into Shadows. It’s a rarity for me not to take a break in between books in a series, but I was so completely obsessed with Daemon and Katy that I needed more. I was also dying of curiosity in regards to Dawson’s and Bethany’s story. I knew this story was going to end sadly, but regardless this prequel was all kinds of awesome.

Dawson is just swoon worthy…much more so than his cocky brother Daemon. Dawson is sweet, funny, open and just an overall good boy. You see some of these same traits in Daemon, but Dawson is more open and friendly on the outset where as Daemon is closed off. Daemon is not as much as a douche in Shadows as he is in Obsidian. The events in this book are what help change him into the character we meet in Obsidian. You do see the protectiveness of his family and his reasons for acting the way he does way better in Shadows. The danger from the Arum and government are tremendous. You get a little bit of that in Obsidian, but I think Shadows does a better job of setting the world up.

My problem with this book was Dawson’s love interest- Bethany. Can’t say I really cared for her or saw what he saw in her. She was cool, but I found her bland. I also didn’t like the insta-love thing. Having characters reiterate that they don’t know what it is about the other person that makes him/her loveable or there is something special about this other person without showing how awesome the love interest can be is a cop out and lazy. At least with Kat we got to know her over the course of Obsidian and she had a kickass personality. With Bethany, not so much. She’s introduced as the new girl, Dawson falls for her and it goes from there. I understand the story is short, but being that the relationship of Dawson and Bethany is the catalyst for the craziness in Obsidian and the rest of the series it’s important to make their relationship solid and worth rooting for.

Even though I’m complaining about the romance part of the book the rest of the plot was enjoyable and I did feel genuinely bad for this couple. Shadows is definitely worth checking out, but do yourself a favor and read it after Obsidian because it helps to see what Daemon has become first. Also, the prequel helps to explain events in Onyx (book 2) as well.