Shadow Music - Julie Garwood I can't say I really liked the story, but I didn't exactly hate it either. I really liked the prologue and thought there was great potential. However, after the prologue the plot is slow to develop. It never really picked up.

The heroine was okay. Garwood's heroines are usually headstrong. It seems like Garwood wanted Gabrielle to come off as headstrong and independent, but she fell short. In the beginning she is a strong character and then she starts running away to daddy. It was a disappointment since I liked Garwood's other heroines.

The hero, Colm MacHugh, was another disappointment. At times he came off as an ox and then other times he was a coward. He stayed away from Gabrielle for a good chunk of the story for fear of showing his true feelings. When he did finally show his feelings he came off as a brute. He was not endearing or warm at all. This was a big disappointment for me considering that this is a romance novel and there was barely any romance.