The Charm School - Susan Wiggs I seem to be on a romance kick. This one was about an "ugly duckling" who was born into the perfect socialite family, which of course she doesn't fit in too. As she tries to find her way in the world she decides to board a ship headed to Rio as a translator. Here she meets Captain Calhoun and his rowdy crew, along with his mom and aunt Rose who they visit while in Rio. Together the other characters along with the freedom of ship life help Isadora Peabody come out of her shell and turn into the beautiful swan that she really is.

The story dripped of cheese, but it did seem to charm the pants out of me. Overall it was a nice story with a good message, however, I felt that the message was beat over the reader's head over and over again.I did like that the two love birds didn't start out liking each other and it wasn't until towards the end where they really came together. This element added to the tension between the two, which was a nice change of pace from typical romance novels.