One for the Money - Janet Evanovich I give this book 3 1/2 stars. I think this is a perfect beach read or lazy weekend book. Stephanie Plum as a novice bounty hunter learning the ropes is hilarious. She does go through some serious moments, but even in a serious situation she manages to make the reader chuckle.

My favorite passage from the book:
"I slogged through the first mile, then it got really bad. I'm not one of those people who finds their stride. My body was not designed to run. My body was designed to sit in an expensive car and drive. I was sweating and breathing hard when I turned the corner and saw my building half a block away. So near and yet so far. I sprinted the last piece as best as I could. I came to a ragged stop at the door and bent at the waist, waiting for my vision to clear, feeling so fucking healthy I could hardly stand myself."