The Centurion's Wife - Davis Bunn, Janette Oke Apparently I'm a sucker for a pretty cover. This book looked so promising sitting all pretty in the library bookshelf next to the other drabby books. It just screamed to get picked up. However, much to my disappoint the content was boring. I got 100 pages in and I just couldn't continue anymore with the snooze fest.

****Potential Spoilers****

There wasn't much to Leah who is the female protagonist. Her father suffered a lost and her reputation ruined. Um, okay what else? Yeah, she's now a loyal servant in her uncle Pontius Pilate's house, yet he wants to set her up in a "strategic marriage". Did I miss something here? Someone who wants to marry up is not going to want to marry a lowly servant...well, at least the last time I checked. Apparently, Pontius' power is so great and Leah is so wonderful Alban can't pass up.

Alban, if you haven't guess is the male hero. All brains and good looks. Oh, yeah and of course he's the stereotypical fearless leader who all the men respect and doesn't loose any of his men in battle. *yawn*

So there I pretty much summarize the first 100 pages for you. I would like to get repaid in time please.

I'm still counting it for my read shelf because I wasted time reading the 100 pages. I definitely won't be picking this one up again.