The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman I audio booked this one and I’m pretty glad I did. I don’t have much experience with audio books, this is actually my second one but it left me wanting for more. Neil Gaiman reads his own work and he does a really good job of it. His voice was very engaging and he did a good job distinguishing the voices of the characters.

As for the story, I thought the concept was just really creepy but done in such a cool and creative way. Nobody “Bod” Owens ends up getting adopted by the colorful characters of the graveyard after his parents and sibling are murdered. The story takes us through Bod’s childhood in the graveyard. Although, I don’t believe this story is suited for young children I loved that it contained so many lessons. There are bullies to be dealt with, murders to be solved, and friendships to be made. With a cast of endearing characters this story was very charming and I hope that Gaiman writes a sequel on Bod’s adventures.