Lover Revealed - J.R. Ward This is the fourth book in Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. This one tells the story of Butch O’Neal and Marissa. Butch joined the vampire group by default in Dark Lover. As a friend of Beth’s Butch kind of fell into the world and as a result of him knowing too much he couldn’t get out. Butch in the past few books has basically played a kept pretty boy who helps out in detective work whenever the brothers need him. Other than that he mooches and chills with the brothers. After mooching for the past couple of books Butch feels like he should be earning his keep but his humanness is keeping him back…go figure. In the meantime we have Marissa who is like a caged bird thanks to her overbearing brother. Her relationship with Butch went sour until something significant happens in this book that brings them together.

Honestly, they both pretty much got on my nerves. Him with his whiny “I’m tired of being kept, I want a purpose, I want to belong” and her with “I’m going to be a virgin forever…no man wants me.” Ugh! What kept me going on this one were the secondary characters. Butch’s borderline homosexual relationship with Vishous and the previous characters, like Wrath, Beth, Zadist and Bella making an appearance are what interested me the most. It was nice getting to know V better. He’s been this mysterious intelligent being in the background so it was good to see him developed and I hope to know more about him in the next book. I also enjoyed seeing the previous couples to know what they’ve been up too.