Michal - Jill Eileen Smith I had to end my misery so I didn’t finish this book. I really tried because I won it in a GoodReads Giveaway I felt compelled to continue on, but alas I had to put it down.

My main problem was the writing and the lack of attachment to the characters. I found the writing pretty dry and some of the dialogue was a bit awkward for me. I’ve read other biblical fiction with beautiful prose, which is what I expected with this one especially since it has such a gorgeous cover. However, because of the writing style I never felt much emotion from the characters which lead to my lack of attachment. I especially didn’t care for David. At first he was somewhat likeable, but then he turned into a complete ass IMO, especially when it came to his relationship with Michal. I must admit I’m not familiar with the story of King David and maybe if I was I wouldn’t have picked this one up.