The Fiery Cross - Diana Gabaldon I give this 3.5 stars.

I must say that I really must love DG in order to have read this one after everyone telling me how horrible it was going to be. After reading it I must declare myself a hardcore Outlander Series fan. *yay me!*

All the books in the Outlander series are pretty much bricks, however even though they’re extremely long they’re so good that you don’t even notice the pages flying by. There’s action, adventure, mystery, etc. With this one I don’t want to say it was all boring because it wasn’t but it was 979 pages of nothing. I really don’t think anything happened that was critical to the story line. The plot lines that were left off in Drums of Autumn were not resolved in this one. If anything I was left with even more questions. However, there were moments in this book that were very exciting but it just took 400 pages to get there. DG definitely could have used an editor in this one.

What was great about this book was the development of the character relationships. The readers really got to see how Jaime and Claire’s relationship have developed into this loving no-need to talk relationship, while Bree and Roger have overcome the humps in their relationship and have grown closer. I even found the secondary character relationships and interactions interesting. The last couple of chapters were very exciting and left me wanting more.