Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward Lover Enshrined is the story of the mysterious virgin brother Phury. I admit that while reading the previous books in the series I had no interest in Phury’s. He just came off as too uptight and whiney (I guess that’s what being a virgin for so long does to you). However, I picked this up because I had to continue with the series. I’m glad I did. Although this was Phury’s book there were many subplots that were presented in this book that kept my up my interest.

Some negatives:
Phury and Cormia’s relationship was predictable in its development. I won’t get into it with this review because I don’t want to spoil it but even from reading the previous book in the series I already knew what the characters needed to do if the relationship was going to be a happy one. Ward’s couples always end in happy endings, so to me this was just a given. I also didn’t particularly care for either one of them.

There is still too much jargon used. For some reason Ward has the need to name rappers, use teeny bopper “ghetto” language and words like “shit kickers” to get her message across that these are some badass vampire brothers. After 6 books I get the message already. I know they can kick ass. I know “they’re down” with the in crowd. Geez. I do give her credit though for not using “shit kickers” as much in this one.

Some positives:
The Lesser world gets more interesting. The Omega has a new secret weapon that kicks ass. I was not expecting this plot line and I’m interested to see where it leads us.

We learn more about John Matthew. I just adore John. I don’t get his fascination with Xhex…I don’t even condone it being that she looks so manly but whatever. As the saying goes “different strokes for different folks.”

We find out where Thor ran off too. *sigh* His loss just broke my heart. I’m really glad he is going to be back in the picture.

We learn some interesting facts about sympaths. I still don’t get exactly what a sympath is but they just sounds nasty. lol.