Beyond the Highland Mist (The Highlander Series, Book 1) - Karen Marie Moning I got this one off The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Ultimate Reading list. If no one has heard of this listing they should check it out. There are some really good books on it. But back to my review…lol.

Although I thought this one was a cheesy romance, it still had some substance to the story line. Hawk is your typical alpha-male who gets his way with the ladies but has never given away his heart. Adrienne, is a headstrong heroine who has sworn off men (particularly beautiful men), bought to the past by a vengeful fairy seeking to get revenge on Hawk. Sparks do not fly right away as Adrienne gets a bearing on her surroundings and fights against Hawk’s romantic moves. Hawk is determined to have Adrienne as his wife, but she’s having none of it. The interactions between these two and their battle of wills are entertaining and funny. Hawk finds himself jealous of the beautiful and mysterious blacksmith, Adam Black, who Adrienne was caught checking out. Jealousy is a feeling he has never felt before.

The secondary characters are also funny and entertaining. I love Hawk’s mother Lydia! She makes a great mother in law. Overall, this was an entertaining read and I hope to continue on with the series.