The Rocky Road to Romance - Janet Evanovich I listened to this on audio. This is just plain brain candy….much like the Plum novels but without their full potential. It was cute and you could see many of the ideas Evanovich uses for her popular Plum series, like a dog named Bob and a gun-toting granny. However, I found both protagonists, Daisy Adams and Steve Crow, more annoying at times than endearing. Daisy also known as the Dog Lady is a graduate student balancing one too many jobs when she offers to take on yet another role as traffic reporter. Steve is Daisy’s boss who suddenly takes notice in Daisy and ends up falling in love with her after a couple of pages into the book. The quick romance is not what bothered me so much. It was more the unrealistic dialogue and character interaction between the two. I didn’t really feel any sparks. There were some comedic moments, but they were a little too contrived for me so I found them more corny than funny. Overall, it’s a story to enjoy on a lazy summer day or a rainy day when you need something quick and light to read.