Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris After hearing all my GR friends rave on and on about this series I decided to try it out. I was forewarned that I probably wouldn’t be hooked by the first one and this ended up being true. I thought it was okay. Interesting, entertaining and funny, but just okay. This is perfect for a quick read or when you are just in the mood for some brain candy.

Sookie is a pretty funny girl and I loved how she just kind of took all the events that happened in stride. I thought Bill was sexy, even with his sideburns, but I wasn’t a fan of his aloofness or lack of expression in critical scenes. This reminded me of a certain sparkly vampire and it made it hard for me to really like him. I’m still interested to see how the story will progress, so I plan on continuing with the rest of the series…especially since I already bought the first five.