To Catch a Pirate - Jade Parker When Annalisa’s ship is over taken by pirates she ends up in a confrontation with the handsome pirate James Sterling. In exchange for him not taking her mother’s locket, the only possession Annalisa has left of her mother, she gives him a kiss. Not a innocent kiss, but a passionate curl your toes and leave you breathless kind of kiss. This kiss along with the stealing of her father’s treasure leads Annalisa on a whirlwind pirate adventure as she tries to recover the treasure, save her father’s reputation and not lose her heart in the process.

This is a simple YA historical romance novel. The kissing scenes and feelings described were passionate, but it never crossed into sexual. I would describe this book as a good introduction to heavier romance novels. It is perfect for teens or parents looking for something chaste, but not bland. The plot is a little hard to believe, but so are many of the romance novels out there so I didn’t see it as a big deal. Overall it was fun, light and entertaining read.