The Welsh Girl - Peter Ho Davies I always hesitate to read WWII books or any books on war for that matter. I always think they are going to be depressing, dry or too violent, but usually I’m pleasantly surprise when I take the time to read one. The Welsh Girl was one of those that pleasantly surprised me.

The first couple of pages (prologue) were a bit dry, but I was glad that I pushed through it because I discovered a gem when I got to Esther’s perspective of the story. The book follows the perspective of three characters: Roth, Esther and Karsten, but really Esther’s and Karsten’s perspectives predominate the book. Having the different shifts in character views was really interesting and made it a unique story because of the background of each character. The characters jumped off the page for me and at times I found myself wanting to hug them. The writing was simply beautiful.

My only critique is the ending. I won’t say much, but initially I wished the ending could have been happier. However, after thinking about it for some time I felt like the ending was left a bit open so that readers could make up their own ending.