The Thorn Birds - Colleen McCullough I’m giving The Thorn Birds 4.5 stars. I honestly would not have read this if not for a certain McCollough fan mentioning it. I knew the mini-series from when I was younger and even remember watching a few episodes, but I didn’t recall the whole story and never found it appealing to pick up on my own. Well, I’m glad I listened to her recommendation

The Thorn Birds is a classic epic story spanning several generations of the Cleary family. The novel mostly centers on the life of Meggie, the only girl in a family full of sons, and how her upbringing led to her relationship with Father Ralph de Bricassart. I didn’t think I was going to be as interested in the story as I thought I was, but McCollough’s writing was so simplistic and interesting that it had me turning the pages. The story also took me out of my comfort zone and had me questioning the Catholic religion. I read this with a group of close GoodReads friends and there was some very interesting and eye opening dialogue amongst us. It made the book all the more interesting to me. :-)