Journey to the River Sea - Eva Ibbotson, Kevin Hawkes Journey to the River Sea is a very quaint, almost fairy tale like read. English orphan, Maia is sent to live with distant relatives on a rubber plantation along the Amazon River. Maia is of course excited, not only because of the family she has been longing for, but also because of the exotic locale and potential adventures. Once in the Amazon, however, Maia finds a very different situation than the one she had imagined herself to be in. Her cousins are stiff, mean spoiled girls and she is not allowed to interact or be adventurous. However, thanks to her governess and her own resourcefulness Maia finds her way around the Amazon.

I loved the journey and even the sappy ending. Maia is a great character, especially for young girls. She is strong, intelligent and doesn’t let adversity get her down. I also loved her governess who encouraged and supported her through it all. The ending was a bit abrupt and sappy for me, but overall it was a fun read and I hope to read more of Ibbotson’s work.