The Bride - Julie Garwood I’m surprised at the high rating for this book. Compared to other Garwood novels this one ranks quite low for me. I didn’t find the main characters as likeable or as endearing as some of her other novels. Alec Kinkaid is a typical Alpha male who wants a strong courageous woman. He wants her to be subservient and caring of him…even love him although he’s not prepared to reciprocate those feelings for fear that it would make him weak. Jaime is a fiesty and untamed violet-eyed beauty who understandably wants to be her husband’s equal. I found both of the main characters not as likeable as other Garwood novels. I didn’t start liking them till the middle of the book. Jaime came off as being too perfect with her only flaws being her temper and no sense of direction. Alec was just arrogant with old fashion sensibilities. Some of the character interactions were funny, but some parts that were supposed to be witty I found to be annoying. The plot was also predictable and very similar to her other Highland romances. Overall, it was an okay quick read…perfect for a rainy day read or a beach read.