The Wedding - Julie Garwood At 10 year’s old Connor MacAlister gets proposed to by a young Brenna. It’s a proposal that he never forgets and apparently decides to take seriously now that he is in need of a wife. Without leaving Brenna much of a choice Connor marries her in a quick wedding and gets her back to his clan. At first Brenna is resistive, but then she slowly comes to like Connor and his clan and in the case of all happly ever after romance novels they, of course, end up liking her.

I quite liked Brenna as a heroine. She has a knack for starting trouble without meaning too and she’s forgetful with her things. Although these seem to be her only flaws, she was as endearing as the clan found her to be. Connor, however, I didn’t quite like as much as other Garwood heroes. He did have serious issues to battle so I felt emplathic towards him, but he was less humourous than Garwood’s other heroes. He did end up softening towards the end and grew on me though. Overall, this is a quick read and perfect for a romantic escape