The Warrior - Kinley MacGregor This is my first book by this author. I had heard of MacGregor before, so when I saw this at Borders for $3.99 I snapped it up….figured I couldn’t beat that plus I had a coupon so it came out even cheaper. Unfortunately, at the time of purchase I didn’t know that this was #7 in the series. By then it was too late and I figured I tried to read it as a standalone. I was lost for the beginning of the book, because of course characters from previous books made an appearance and there were references that I completely missed. Other than this though once I got into the story it was enjoyable enough. The story itself was predictable in the sense of boy hates girl and ends up falling in love with girl along the way. But then the epilogue just made it plain weird and hence the 2 star rating. I found out later that MacGregor also writes under the pseudonym of Sherrilyn Kenyon. Under Kenyon the author writes paranormal novels. Apparently, MacGregor/Kenyon forgot what hat she was wearing the day she wrote this epilogue and combined paranormal and historical romance fiction causing a “wtf? was that” ending for readers. It was not so bad and would have earned itself a 3 star ending had the genres not been mixed. So please take the advice of other reviewers, including myself in saying skip the epilogue. You will have a much happier read this way.