The Courtesan's Daughter - Claudia Dain I was originally attracted to this book because of the cover and the word “courtesan” on the cover. I was looking for smutty and figured with a courtesan you can’t get any smuttier. Boy was I wrong! This was very mild in comparison with other smutty books I’ve read.

First off, the word “courtesan” became annoying after the fifth page or so. It was mentioned again and again and again thanks to the daughter’s magnificent idea of becoming one herself. I won’t even get into that plot line. Secondly, I wasn’t able to really get into the romance between the two main characters because of all the background twist and turns and plotting that was happening with the secondary characters. It was just too much and I honestly ended up with a headache trying to keep up with the all the scheming. It’s no wonder these characters had no jobs to speak of. They were too busy plotting their next lovescapade.

I did like Sophia as the deliciously wicked ex-courtesan, but her plotting became old and tiresome. Also, with Sophia’s history mentioned in the book it seemed like there should have been a previous book to this one making me feel like I missed something when I didn’t. This is actually the first book in the series. I was also surprised at the quick timeline of the book. Supposedly the whole story takes place within a matter of 3 days, which was way hard to believe…even for me. I won’t be picking up the second one.