Bet Me - Jennifer Crusie I needed a funny, light read and ended up turning to this book after a GR friend recommended to me. It definitely delivered.

Minerva, is a 33 year actuary, who gets dumped by her skeevy ex-boyfriend. After over hearing her ex making a bet with Cal over her, she decides to seek revenge. On the surface Minerva and Cal cannot be more opposites. Minerva is a nicely plump short girl with great taste in shoes that everyone likes but men don’t really go for, while Cal seems to be the supermodel womenizing rake that women just swoon for on the spot. However, surfaces aside these two have quite a bit in common once they get to know each other. The chemistry between them works leading to witty and funny interactions between the two characters. What I also loved about this book is that the secondary characters are just as funny and have great chemistry. The entire books reads like a movie and honestly, I wouldn’t mind going to see this chick flick because I know it would be great.