The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle - Avi Other people have given this book a higher score, but for me this was just meh. There was some mystery and some action, but it never really struck a chord with me. I think it was because I didn’t feel Charlotte was a likeable character and I didn’t believe in her quick transformation.

Charlotte is this wealthy, snobby Victorian girl on her father’s ship on her way home. Through a series of events she gets accused of murder and suddenly her personality changes. As a way to pay off her dues she ends up becoming part of the crew. The crew at first is skeptical of her but slowly they begin to accept Charlotte as she proves herself.

The plot was interesting, but at times it was a drag for me to read. I found Charlotte’s personality grating on my nerves many times. Unfortunately, because she is the narrator of the story I couldn’t get away from her. The other crew members also were not very believable in their actions. I just don’t think someone who betrayed them and murdered one of their own could have really been accepted by such tough guys.