Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins My library didn’t have this, but I couldn’t wait so I went and bought it. Yes, this series is that good!

Collins’ delivers another great story. She manages to keep up the pace of The Hunger Games and deliver another action pack, sit on the edge of your seat story. Unbelievable! As the sequel we know that both Katniss and Peeta survive the first book, but now they must deal with the consequences. No one thwarts or outwits the government and gets away from it. As a result, Katniss and Peeta finds themselves back in The Hunger Games arena. Although the second book brings back element of the games, it doesn’t come off as a stale plot line because of all the events happening outside of the games. The characters and their world become much more developed and the reader gets a good picture of the world they exist in.

Unfortunately, this one ends in one heck of a cliff hanger and the third installment is not out yet. Grrr! You can guarantee though that as soon as it comes out I will be among the throng of readers trying to get my hands on a copy.