Dead And Gone  - Charlaine Harris 3 1/2 stars

Hmmm, so I don’t know what happened to Harris while she was writing this one but it was not exactly what I expected. I like being surprised, but I ended…I guess disappointed is the word I’m looking for. I’m not sure if this is a transitional book to the fairy world, but the ending didn’t really work for me. I found it too over the top and filled with unnecessary drama (Quinn scene) and deaths. I’m also over the “let’s see how badly can we beat Sookie up, yet have her survive” plot line. Can the girl please catch a break?
I did enjoy the mystery part of the book though and some of the scenes with hotty Eric. I’m not sure how far Sookie and Eric’s relationship can go considering the difference in their nature and personalities, so I’m just going to enjoy the time they do have together. After the ending though, Eric is not on my top men list for Sookie.