Nobody's Princess - Esther M. Friesner 3 1/2 stars

Nobody’s Princess is a retelling of Helen of Sparta. This one is different in that Helen is a child when we first meet her and it only goes up to her early teens. The rest of the story is told in the second book, Nobody’s Prize.

I did enjoy the different take on the typical Helen of Sparta story, especially since it has been played out a bit. From an entertainment standpoint I thought the story was pretty good. It was a fast read, there was a bit of action thrown in and overall it was enjoyable. As a character Helen was on the strong independent side, however, sometimes she did get on my nerves with her stubbornness and attitude. What bothered me about the story was the dialogue and modern tone of it all. The reader must really suspend belief in order to enjoy the story. Although this bothered me and had me rolling my eyes in some parts I still enjoyed the story enough to want to read the second book.