Poison Study - Maria V. Snyder I was having some serious book loving while reading this one. It has everything a book should have: magic, mystery, a strong female character and even a little romance.

I loved how the story flowed. It was quite believable and it made Yelena, the heroine, even more endearing. I loved seeing Yelena’s growth from being in a dirty dungeon cell preparing herself for her execution to becoming the king’s best food taster. We even see how she learns to fight and use weapons becoming a fierce fighter. Yelena has magical abilities that have started to develop but she has no control over. It was interesting to see how she struggled with her ability. I loved that this heroine didn’t start off strong in the beginning of the story, but developed into a tough young woman by the end of it.

I even loved the secondary characters that helped Yelena in her transformation. I would love to have Ari and Janco teach me to fight. These two were hilarious in their interactions.

Overall, it’s a captivating story and I can’t wait to read the second book, Magic Study.