Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward This is third in the series of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. It tells the story of Zsadist. I think Zsadist so far is my favorite of the brothers. Zsadist was a blood slave who was used and abused by his Mistress. Eventually he is able to escape his imprisonment with the help of his twin Phury but the experience forever haunts him and leaves him bitter, untouchable, and pretty much soul less.

This is where Bella comes in. Her relationship with Z really starts in Lover Eternal when she first encounters him. His hard personality intrigues her but he ends up running her off since he knows he’s not good for her. In Lover Awakened their story picks up. This time Z lets her in a little only because she needs comfort but he finds himself falling for her. I thought Ward did a good job with their interaction and with conveying Z’s abusive past. I really felt for him and wanted to comfort him myself at times.

The Lessor world has also become a more interesting plot line now that we have learned more about the power plays and of how the Omega, their leader, operates. Unfortunately, Ward continues her overuse of the word shitkickers, the constant references to rappers and the outdated street lingo but the series has definitely gotten more interesting.
Re-read 2011
I read this again last night in one sitting. I started and simply couldn't stop. I absolutely love Zsadist and Bella, especially now having read all the books that are out. They remain my favorite couple. :)