Lover Eternal - J.R. Ward This is the second in the series of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. This one tells the story of Rhage and Mary. Rhage is a cursed brother dealing with an inner dragon that endangers everyone around him. The only way he can deal with his dragon is by having sex and fighting. Mary is a woman who has dealt with many hardships in her life. She’s insecure and alone in the world. So naturally these two are meant to be together. :P

At first I like Mary as a heroine, but then she started annoying me a bit. Especially when she put up with Rhage’s womanizing at one point. So not cool. Rhage has the opposite effect on me. I started out not liking him that much and then he grew on me by the end.

Now that J.R. Ward has established the vampire world and we’re learning more about it there’s some things that are annoying me. The constant use of “shitkickers” instead of boots, the references to rap music and rappers, and the “wannabe down” street language that the brothers use amongst themselves. It reeks of corniness. Additionally, the Lessor world is still corny. I kind of skim those parts just in case I need to know it down the line but it’s still not interesting. I’m still looking forward to reading the next one though just to figure out what’s Zsadist’s deal.