Magic Study - Maria V. Snyder I give this one 4.5 stars. I found the story captivating, but a few things annoyed me in this one that weren’t present in the first book. Yelena is still a kickass heroine but now that she has some control over her magical abilities and has become a great fighter her attitude has become much cockier. I understand having confidence in her abilities, as she should have but going off on her own because she’s thinks she’s the only one that can defeat the enemy is just stupid, especially when she is surrounded by powerful magicians who have been around much longer than her. At times I felt that Yelena needed a huge slice of humble pie to go along with her stubbornness.

Another thing that annoyed me was Valek or rather his speech. I loved him in the first book as well, but in this book he’s developed a highly annoying habit of saying “love” all the time when speaking to Yelena. “Yes, love?” “Do you need me, love?” “Take anything you need, love” Keep in mind he’s a trained assassin, who has killed hundreds on command. All of a sudden he’s mush because he’s in love? It just didn’t come off as realistic to me. I liked how their relationship was more developed in this book though. But, I would have liked a little more background on Valek. I’m hoping we learn more about him in the third book.

Some things that I did enjoy: I loved Yelena’s family! They’re so cool. I won’t say more on them because I don’t want to spoil. I also loved getting to know Sitia and the different cultures. I thought the world was pretty well developed. I also love some of the secondary characters, like the Blue Man and Kiki the horse. And best of all Ari and Janco make an appearance. I love those two!