Dark Lover - J.R. Ward Original review for June 14, 2009 read:

I didn’t expect to like this book as much as I did, but man those vampire brothers sure have done a number on me! Whew! I didn’t know vampires could be so hot. This is my first paranormal romance, beside Twilight which I don’t really count because there wasn’t much action in that series. These vamps would kick Meyer’s sparkling vamps in the ass and ask questions later.

A band of brothers called The Black Dagger Brotherhood take on soul less humans known as Lessors. These are not your typical vampires though. They’re six badass, leather wearing, weapon wielding defenders of their race. Each one has their own book and the first in the series is Dark Lover. It sets up the vampire and Lessor world along with introducing us to the Blind King or Wrath.

I loved that J.R. Ward not only knows how to write a steamy scene but she also knows how to develop and flesh out her characters. Her characters actually have some depth and are not the one dimensional characters you would usually find in a romance book. She also inserts humor. The brothers are not badass all the time, sometimes they like to chill. It just makes them more endearing. My only complaint is that the Lessor world is really not that interesting. I hope that this part of the story improves as the series progresses.


Second reading on March 26, 2010
I bumped the rating from 3 stars to 4 stars after re-reading this. I enjoyed it much more around this time now that I've read all the books that are out. Wrath and Beth are not my favorite couple, however, I appreciate their story much more knowing how much stronger and better their connection gets after this first book. I mainly skipped the Lesser parts this time around...I still don't find them interesting and I think that increased my enjoyment of the book too. :)