Knight of Passion - Margaret Mallory I received this from my GR bestie Allison.  I didn’t realize it was part of a series prior to reading, so I have not read the first two before reading this. I admit some of the references to past characters were lost on me, but overall this book can stand alone.

This book was actually a pleasant surprise. Based on the cover and title I expected a heavily sexed up fluffy read. There were some sexy scenes but for the most I enjoyed the back story much more than the interaction between the Linnet and Jamie. The back story was surprisingly based on historical facts and took some interesting turns which kept me reading.

As far as the chemistry between Linnet and Jamie it was good, but most of the time I found myself more annoyed at them. There was a lot of back and forth between “I want to be with her” “I don’t want to be with her” “he betrayed me” “she betrayed”. After awhile, I just wanted them to get on. Make a decision and stick to it. As a semi-fluffy quick read I think this is a win.