Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater I give this book 3.5 stars. At first I was not really feeling the characters all that much. I found Grace a bit reminiscent of Bella from Twilight. She’s this goody two shoes girl, whose parents are in their own world so she’s very independent (until she meets Sam) and pretty much left to her own devices. She comes off as very obsessive as she searches the woods for “her wolf.” Sam is a werewolf who realizes that he needs to stay away from Grace, but of course can’t help himself. Just like Edward, he’s the perfect sentimental and musically talented Emo boyfriend pining over his human girlfriend. *vomit* Together these two share a desperate love for each other in which they are willing to go against all supernatural boundaries.

What separated this book from Twilight for me was the writing. I thought it was much better written. There were some very cheesy lines and events along the way, however, as the story progressed I thought it actually became better and more interesting. I liked Stiefvater’s idea of putting the temperature in the beginning of the chapters. It made the reader actually feel the coldness described in the book. I also found the werewolf lore, as well as the secondary character stories interesting enough to want to continue onto the second book when it comes out.