Travels With My Aunt - Graham Greene, Gloria Emerson 5 stars for giving me the best sleep ever!!!

Seriously, I would read 3 pages and zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Since this book was part of a group read I was participating in I gave it my best effort but I only managed about 50 pages before I had to throw in the towel. I did like the first chapter. It was promising and I found myself chuckling at the chemistry between Aunt Augusta and Henry. After the first chapter it became boring and down right weird. Aunt Augusta's mood changes varied from paragraph to paragraph. I didn't find her as amusing as the first chapter and by the third chapter I wanted to stab her in the face. Henry was so freaking boring and his following Aunt Augusta about was seriously out of character for him. His personality was just bland. Wordsworth (Aunt Augusta's lover/drug supplier) was another character that needed a good facestabbing for sheer annoyingness. Then came the weird 1960's drug references. I won't even get into that. That was the point where I just had to stop. I couldn't take one more of Augusta's mood swings or weird reminiscent past stories or Henry's bland assessment of the whole situation. So in short, this is one that I don't plan on picking up every again and it has seriously turned me off of Greene's writing.