Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James I admit I was intrigued by the description of this book, but it wasn’t one that I needed to read right away. Then I started seeing it make the rounds in GR. Popping up randomly in conversations. Grown women squeeing over Christian and his hotness. Then I saw it make the news because it hit NY’s Best Seller list and because well, it’s erotica. *cough* So I thought, “hmmm, I guess I need to check this one out sooner.” But again I put it at the bottom of the pile. Then one day I walked into the kitchen and got asked by my 50-something year old straight laced co-worker if I’ve read Fifty Shades. O_o What?? Apparently, she was reading it and wanted to discuss it. O_O! So that of course prompted me to pick it up at once.

Now this book has been described as Twilight for adults and having read both I definitely see the reasons why. This shit is pure book crack. Bad for your brain, but damn it feels good while reading it. I think I read it in 2 days or something crazy like that. I just know that whatever needed to get done those days didn’t get done because I was too busy indulging my inner goddess. Teehee.

Ana is like Bella, except she’s 21 years old and in college. Like Bella, she’s very much a Mary Sue and very much a blank canvas when it comes to sexual experience. That’s where Christian, our 27 year old XXX-rated business tycoon comes in. Christian is every bit a tortured hero. How does he deal with his fucked up emotions? He gets into BDSM of course! I’m not going to go into more because really it’s pretty self explanatory. Just read it for yourself or some of the other reviews on here.

My point in writing this review is really to justify my rating. I gave it 4 whips on pure entertainment alone. Admittedly, the writing is not great. It’s very easy reading though. The characters are pretty much two dimensional. I found Ana annoying as hell sometimes, which is a problem because she is the narrator. Her naivety and inexperience and later on her sexual awakening was unbelievable. I wanted to stab her in the face every time she started with her internal dialogue. The whole inner goddess vs subconscious was fun at first, but became really annoying towards the end. Why did she even bother giving herself a pep talk when she knew she was going to give into Christian? Just get on with it! Because really THAT is why this book is secretly being passed on from women to women. The sex scenes are muy caliente and go into a territory that most people don’t delve into, but probably think about or have thought about. It’s told from the perspective of someone who is inexperienced in BDSM or all things sexual for that matter, which makes it all the more interesting because in many ways I think women who aren’t into that type of lifestyle can empathize with Ana. This book allows them to live vicariously through her and according to GMA may even be giving them ideas to unleash their own inner goddesses. O_O

With that said, I understand the hype about this book. Is it well deserved? Mmmm, probably not. In many ways it is a rip off of Twilight and like Twilight it has many flaws, but it’s still an engrossing read.