The Temptation of the Night Jasmine - Lauren Willig This is my least favorite in the series so far. This book was disappointing because there was very little progress in both the mystery aspect of the plot and in Colin and Eloise’s relationship leaving me to question what was the point of this book. It seems to me that Willig wrote it simply to marry Charlotte off and to progress the story line to another country, but as far at the mystery aspect it seems rather pointless.

In the previous books, the ever elusive villain the Black Tulip features prominently. The Black Tulip really started getting interesting in the last book The Seduction of the Crimson Rose and it even ended in a bit of cliff hanger that I was hoping would get picked up by this book. Unfortunately, Willig seems to have dropped the ball. The Black Tulip gets a passing mention in this book. That’s it! We’ve been following this villain for 4 books now and all he/she gets is an honorable mention? I don’t get it. The mystery we do get is mediocre at best. A new villain with the scent of Jasmine is introduced. Perhaps the Black Tulip has changed flowers? Not sure, but even though the mysterious Frenchmen was interesting the storyline with the king was predictable.

Also predictable was the romantic aspect of the story. Charlotte and Robert’s chemistry was simply meh. I didn’t care for the fact that they called each other cousins, grew up together for a short time period and then end up together in the end. It’s great that they were friends beforehand, but weird to me that they went from a family relationship to a romantic relationship without much of an explanation. Other reviewers have commented that Willig cleaned up the romance by offering no sex scenes, but quite honestly even though I love a good sex scene I was relieved that there wasn’t one in this case. For a lack of a better word I would have found it “icky” in this book.

I also didn’t care for the Eloise and Colin storyline. There was very little progression now that they are girlfriend and boyfriend. I didn’t like that she went about spying on him trying to figure out what his career is rather than being straight up and ask. I’m sure that in the books to come their relationship will be inching forward because it seems like Willig’s written herself into a corner now that they are together and there is still more books in the series to be written.

What I did like about this book was the comedy relief that the secondary characters provided. I absolutely adored The Duchess and her cane! I also loved Henrietta and Miles. Those two are really great together and helped moved the storyline nicely. Penelope was also very interesting. She’s such a spitfire! I would love to see what happens to her in the next book.