Twelve Sharp  - Janet Evanovich I know they are formulaic and over the top, but the Stephanie Plum series is my go-to series whenever I need something light and comical. As usual Evanovich delivers with this one. I thought this one was actually better than some of the previous ones in the series because Evanovich actually moved a bit away from her usual formula. Stephanie’s car surprisingly makes it in one piece, she doesn’t get as beat up and there were some nice surprises in terms of character development. Also, the mystery person was revealed pretty early in the book so it became more of a beat the clock type of story instead of a who-dun-it type of mystery. I like the changes and I hope that Evanovich continues to veer away from the formula in the future books.

What I didn’t care for though is the damn love triangle. It’s not developing at all. For FFS, even the insipid Sookie has picked a man and gone with it! I don’t understand Stephanie’s commitment issues, her reasons for them or why she can’t make out the difference between lust and love. It’s the one thing I really find annoying in this series.

As usual the secondary characters, like Lula, Grandma Mazur and Stephanie’s father continually deliver comedy relief. I really liked Lula and Sally Sweets in this one. The whole band thing was hilarious. Marvin Pickle, the movie theatre pervert, is also a nice addition to the cast. I also really loved getting to know Ranger better. Mmmm, he’s so damn yummy!