The Alloy of Law - Brandon Sanderson I don’t know what to say that has not already been said in other reviews. I simply love Brandon Sanderson and his brand of genius. When I began the Mistborn series it just utterly consumed me. I loved Vin, Kelsier, Elend and all the other secondary characters like they were my best friends. I loved the world he created. I loved the magic system and most of all I loved the story.

Alloy of Law takes place in the same world, but 300 years later. My favorite characters are now considered legends. I admit it bought on a bit of nostalgia seeing them mentioned this way, but it was nice to see what all their struggles have produced. It was also neat seeing how the world has progressed and changed since their story. This was something I often thought about when I finished Mistborn.

As for this installment, I really enjoyed it. It was not as consuming as Mistborn, but it certainly had its moments. I liked the new characters Wax, Wayne and Lady Marasi. Wax, in particular, seems like he’s going to be a complex character. I would like to see what is in store for him. Wayne sometimes came off a little too hokey for me, but overall he seems like a fun dude. Just when he was starting to get on my nerves he would pop out with something funny and I would forgive him. ♥

Overall, I enjoyed the story but it was missing the little something special that Mistborn had. I have yet to put my finger on what that was, but it did capture some of the magic in the cliffhanger ending that has me excited for more.