Deadlocked - Charlaine Harris 2.5 stars

“Meh.” That’s the only word that really comes to mind when I think of this book. I admit it’s much better than the previous book, but to me this series has lost much of its shine. Once Harris started delving into the whole demented fairy plot theme it just hasn’t been the same since. I know a certain someone who shall not be named *cough*namestartswithB*cough* who will say that it started going downhill before that, but I had enjoyed previous books until book 9 or so. After that the series hasn’t quite recovered for me.

As the book description says a dead girl is found on Eric’s lawn. The mystery revolves around who is the girl, what she’s doing there and who killed her. Some of the regular secondary characters make an appearance, like Sam and Alcide, along with the fairies and some new characters that are really not worth mentioning. We learn a bit more about Sookie’s family history, but really that’s about it. The rest consisted of mundane details,
like Sookie’s unhealthy Tanning 101 tips, how she puts her purse in Sam’s desk before every shift, how cute her bff’s kids are…details I don’t really give a crap about anymore.
What’s interesting is that my copy of the book has an interview with Harris in which she said she purposely adds these mundane details to let readers know that her characters are normal people living their lives. Normally, I can appreciate some of those details but this time they felt repetitive and overdone. Part of those feelings come from this book being #12 of the series and I’m all too familiar with them. But a major part of my feelings come from feeling like I slogged through this book waiting and waiting for something to develop. It wasn’t until the last 25% of the book when things finally picked up.

What I did like about the book is that I felt Harris has now moved on from the fairy plot…or at least I’m hoping she does. From this book it seems like things have been concluded. It also seems like she’s starting to tie up loose ends in the Vampire and Were world and may even be close to introducing Sookie’s true mate. Of course, these are my speculations and hopes because I really think she’s extended this series for way to long and the cow is starting to dry up.