Storming the Castle - Eloisa James 1 ½ stars

This novella tells the story of Wick’s happily ever after. Wick is a prominent character in the first book in the Fairy Tales series, A Kiss at Midnight. While I enjoyed the first book and the second book in the series I found this novella sort of disappointing. Maybe it was because of the length (98 pages), but I didn’t feel like the characters were developed at all. Wick, we know from A Kiss at Midnight, but we have no idea who Phillipa really is besides that she is a woman in an unhappy engagement who decides to runaway.

One of my main issues was that quite a bit of time is skipped over and never really accounted for. One minute Phillipa is barging into the castle and the next she’s fully acquainted with the staff because of her “charming” personality. We’re just told Wick and Phillipa talk at night and spend some time together for the past few months, but the reader is never shown these discussions. The discussions and internal dialogue readers are shown are quite lame. It’s the typical “I’m not worthy enough for you!” and “I love you so much I could die, but I can’t be with you!” Lame. Totally Lame. I was so sick of the “I’m not worthy enough for you” dialogue that I was happy when it all ended.

Another one of my issues was that I really hated how Wick from the moment he sees Phillipa automatically turned his thoughts to marriage. To me this was a complete stretch in his personality. Actually in any person’s personality this would be a stretch. I don’t know of anyone who automatically says “There’s my future spouse” and then proceeds to go on about how unworthy they are. Let’s be real…the average person goes into lust mode first. Maybe the author decided to take this route to keep the novella within a certain page limit, but for me it was an injustice to Wick.

Lastly, I didn’t care for Phillipa as a heroine. I didn’t find her as strong as she was supposed to be portrayed. I didn’t understand why she gave up her virginity to her fat ass conceited fiancé when it was clear from the beginning that she didn’t care for him, wasn’t attracted to him and didn’t want to marry him. If she was as intelligent as we are told she is I don’t think she would’ve gone this route.

Overall, I expected and wanted more for Wick. I was disappointed that this story amounted to a lot of “I’m not worthy” dialogue instead of being the funny, light hearted romance I thought it was going to be.