Fallen - Lauren Kate I started out by giving this book 2 stars once I finished because I wanted to get it off my Currently Reading shelf and I didn’t know how I really felt about it. I found myself feeling irritated for the most part and only a little curious as to where the author was going with it. This series is so popular that I was willing to try out the next book despite my feelings, so I checked out a few reviews for the next book only to find many of the issues I had with the first book listed out. O_o Huh, much of the same. So I went to check out the third book reviews and again found the same issues. Hmmm, okay onto the fourth book reviews….oh and look, big reveal that I had already guessed while reading book 1 and again not much explanation on the supposed love match, which is the reason the whole fucking series is taking place. So yeah, after reading all that I had to process, so I went off to brush my teeth (it was late) and thought about it. That’s when I started getting pissed. Like avenging angel pissed.

Lemme ‘splain. This book is 452 pages and absolutely no answers are given. Now I understand whenever you have a series you need to set things up. I get that. But you also have to give some answers or at least begin the process of answering questions. Not Ms. Kate. She fills in about 300 something pages with some mysterious and boring drivel, something finally happens, stalking ensues, another something happens, some action and cut. Oh and let’s add some mysterious cliff hanger at the end there. If reading that sentence filled with ‘somethings’ annoys you then you’re not going to like this book because that is exactly how this story is told. EVERYTHING is a freaking mystery in this book. It tries to come off as a dark mysterious gothic paranormal romance book, but no. It’s.Just.Fucking.Lame.

For example, Lucinda Price (aka Luce) has been haunted by dark shadows since childhood. Something…yeah there goes that ‘something’ again…happens between her and a boy she liked, which results in his death thanks to the black shadows. The circumstances of the boy’s passing are dealt with in a quick paragraph, but the mystery behind the black shadows takes 400+ pages. Really?! We find out what the black shadows are called…I won’t say it here as to not spoil the big reveal *sarcasm* and that’s it. When Luce asks Daniel what is their purpose he gives a “Oh you don’t need to really know that” type of answer. Um, yeah asshole I think she does considering that they’ve been freaking her out since childhood. Apparently, this is a tactic that Ms. Kate uses to string readers along 4 books. That’s not cool. I’m so glad I didn’t waste my money buying this. I seriously would’ve ripped the cover off and burned the rest. The cover gets a pass because let’s face it is a gorgeous emo cover and the reason it had my attention.

Another issue I had besides the horrible storytelling and stringing along of readers, were the lame characters, particularly the narrator, Luce. I love a strong heroine and if you do too don’t bother to read this book. Luce is vapid and just plain stupid. Here’s a list of what annoyed me about Luce:
• She tries to portray herself as strong but instead Luce is afraid of everything.
• She doesn’t stand up for herself and needs others to do it for her.
• She spends so much time in her own head daydreaming and “thinking” *snerk* that characters are constantly calling her name to get her attention and end up getting annoyed at her. Yet despite that she tells her love interest how smart she is. How she has awesome grades and what a wonderful person she is. I never saw evidence of these characteristics, but apparently I’m a stupid reader who is supposed to take her word for it.
• She spends time obsessing/fawning over a boy who sticks his middle finger up at her without even knowing her.
• She then proceeds to stalk said middle finger giver boy because he’s so hawt and she has some kind of mysterious unexplainable (of course!) connection to him. He is seriously described over and over again a million times by Luce.
• After he tells her to ‘eff off again she goes at it hardcore by upping up the stalking again due to the mysterious connection.

Readers, meet Lucinda Price:

The other characters are not as lame as Lucinda, but they were just as one dimensional. The only one that I had some interest in was Cam because Kate actually shows some depth to his character. The others and the purpose they served were predictable.

The long and short of this review is that it is not cool to string your readers along four books only to have a lame reveal with no explanation as to why there was a romantic connection just to cash in on the latest YA romance craze. That’s just messed up and that is why this book got downgraded to a 1 star and shelved on the ‘need to be burn’ shelf. Since I can’t get the hours it took me to read this piece of angsty boring drivel I hope to return the favor to an unsuspecting reader and save them the time, money and patience. Don’t get sucked in by the cover like I did!