Hounded - Kevin Hearne Let me start by saying that in terms of covers this series is pretty damn hideous. But underneath the cover is a fun story that nicely incorporates Celtic mythology into today’s world. I really enjoyed this book despite its message being that you can’t trust anyone. I loved what the author did to incorporate Celtic mythology. The mythology part flowed quite nicely into the story with very little info dumps. At times the plot was a bit confusing, but I think it was because I was listening to the story rather than reading it. At one point I lost track of who was working with who and who betrayed who and why. Though by the end, I thought it came together nicely.

I really liked Atticus as a character too. For a two thousand year Druid he kept it pretty real and didn’t beat around the bush with things. I also loved that he was a bit of a player. There was no formal love interest, which is really refreshing in urban fiction where typically there is an insta-love relationship or a love triangle dominating the story. Atticus’ side kick, Oberon, was one funny dog too. His love of sausages and French poodles is incomparable.

I also have to say this was a fun audio to listen too. It wasn’t the best because the narrator sometimes came off as a bit flat and Oberon sounded more like Scooby Doo, but it grew on me the more I listened. Oberon’s voice ended up suiting him after all and I couldn’t wait until he received his sausages and French poodles to hear him get all excited. I’ll definitely continue on with this series.