My Life as A White Trash Zombie - Diana Rowland WARNING: Do Not Read While Eating

This was waaaay up there in the gross-o-meter:

Seriously, if you like to eat while reading don’t do it with this book. I know I should’ve known better considering the cover and title, but I still wasn’t prepared for all the grossness. It was a good read though and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What I loved about this book was the main character, Angel. She’s a fuck up and is not afraid to admit it. She’s into prescription pills and other drugs, she’s saddled down with her loser druggie boyfriend, her dad is an alcoholic, she lives in a shitty dilapidated house and she’s on the path to nowhere. So when she’s given a second chance and jumps on it I really couldn’t help but root for her. As it turns out Angel is intelligent, sweet, observant and pretty damn hilarious…all characteristics that make her even more likeable. All she needs is a little self-confidence.

The reason I ended up giving this three stars was because the mystery part of the book was pretty lame. There was one scene where the who-dun-it was foreshadowed and when the reveal came it was rather anticlimactic. Then there was a second reveal, if you can call it that, and that turned out lame too. Plus, I had a shit load of questions once I finished. I’ve since read the second book, which is much better than the first, and turns out the questions I had were answered in it.

If you like zombies I definitely recommend this one. It’s well written and different than the usual zombie books out there.