Sundays at Tiffany's - James Patterson, Gabrielle Charbonnet This was a weird ass book and not a good intro to James Patterson.

The book starts off with a young Jane and her imaginary friend Michael. Jane is a lonely girl without much parental supervision. Her mom Vivienne is a successful Broadway producer living a fabulous life, while her dad is barely present. So Jane has Michael to keep her company and help her get through the rough times…that is until it’s time for Michael to move on. One of the rules of imaginary friendship is that the child is supposed to forget the friend. However, Jane forever holds onto her memories with Michael. Now fast forward to 23 years later and Jane is still as lonely as she was then. She’s living a fabulous life like her mom, but she doesn’t have any one that really cares for her. Until, you guessed it, for some reason or another she comes across Michael again.

I found the whole imaginary friend concept fascinating…maybe because as a child I just talked to myself rather than have an imaginary friend stalk me around. I don’t even know of other kids who had imaginary friends. However, my understanding is that imaginary friends usually are other children or animals or some sort of thing like that that children can relate too…this would nix having an adult as an imaginary friend. But in this book it seemed like all the imaginary friends were adults. They also had rules to abide by. For example, they had to leave the child by a certain age. While waiting for their next assignment they would turn human, so adults can see them and they would function as normal adults in society. However, the imaginary friends had to go where needed and never knew where their assignment was until they woke up at their destination. It was never explained if these friends were like guardian angels for these children, but it seemed like that is really how they functioned.

The problem I had with this story was that it was supposed to be a romance. Eventually a grown up Jane and her former imaginary friend Michael fall in love. This icked me out. Michael was like a father figure to Jane for quite a few years. He took her to school, hung out with her whenever she had to tag along with Vivienne, he would comfort her and take care of her whenever she needed it by influencing adults around them. So, it was a bit weird to me that all of a sudden they become attracted to each other. Granted, Michael doesn’t age, so he looks the same as when he was Jane’s imaginary friend, but still he’s been around the block a few times if you catch my drift. I also found it a tad weird that Jane couldn’t get past her fixation with Michael and the memories they had. I guess it was because she was so lonely, but she was a very friendly and caring person, so it didn’t make sense that she couldn’t find someone to love her for herself.

Also, I didn’t care for the whole vanilla, cookie cutter ending and simplistic writing either. It was predictable in many parts and very cheesy. However, it’s perfect for a beach read because it reads so quickly and the font is like 50 pt. It’s just that by the end I didn’t really feel it was all that romantic. Rather I felt creeped out that a child had a 30ish year old imaginary friend and that this friend comes back later as a lover. Had Jane imagined Michael as a boy her age or a bit older I may have been able to buy into this premise, but because Michael was an adult he really came off as pedophile whenever he would remember something from her childhood. Not very romantic. :(