Lord of Vengeance - Tina St. John,  Lara Adrian I’ve been reading cheesy romance novels since I learned to read. I simply love them. They provide me with escape and comfort whenever life gets stressful or I need a good reading palate cleanser because I know I’m always guaranteed a happy ending. So when I saw this one for free I jumped on the chance. I can’t have too many cheesy romances and Lara Adrian is the author of the Midnight Breed Series I’ve heard so much about.

This one was just okay for me. For the most part I found the characters one dimensional and predictable. The hero, Gunnar, is a brooding hunk of a man hell bent on vengeance and Raina, the heroine, is sweet yet fierce when the situation calls for it. The villain, who shall remain nameless because I don’t want to spoil, is bad all around. Every character with the exception of Baron d’Bussy is pigeon holed in their role so that they lack any kind of substance or complexity.

My other issue was the dialogue. There was a lot of “nay”-ing going around and it just didn’t sound authentic enough for me. The dialogue wasn’t particularly witty or amusing either. I always look forward to the hero and heroine bantering back and forth, but for this book there were few scenes where I found the bantering amusing.

From the author’s note at the end of the ebook this was one of her first novels and well…it shows. The writing, the characters, and the plot are not very impressive, but they do show a good enough start. I’ll definitely be checking out Adrian’s Midnight Breeds series because from what I’ve heard she has improved. Check the Lord of Vengeance out if you’re looking for a quick cheesy romance, but just don’t have high expectations if you’ve read any of her later books or are feeding off the hype of her later books, like I did.