The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks I’ve been avoiding reading books by Nicholas Sparks for a good while now. I always question the quality of writing from any author who can pump out books so easily and who has a plethora of Hallmark/Lifetime movies for almost all of the books he’s written. To me that signifies that the writing will mostly fall under cliché, predictable and cheesy. That is saying much coming from a girl who loves her some cheesy romance novels! I’ve seen the movies based off the books and yes, they are cheesy but it’s always hard to tell what’s been changed when you haven’t read the book. Anyway, I was feeling a bit emo for a few days and decided to pick this one up expecting it to be a feel good type of book. I was right, but also wrong.

What I didn’t know prior to reading this book was that Nicholas Sparks is known for his tragic endings. Again, because I only seen the movies I didn’t know if the endings were changed for greater emotional impact. I can see just from reading this book why most of Sparks’ books have been turned into movies. The Last Song has a lot of emotion and reads perfectly for a script.

The Last Song is the story of 17 year old Ronnie who ends up having to confront her pent up anger and resentment she’s harbored against her father after her parents divorced. Ronnie and her younger brother, Jonah, are sent off to spend the summer with their father. At first I didn’t quite like Ronnie, but then she started to grow on me. In the beginning she was real bratty and rude, but then as the story progressed her other side was revealed and it turns out she wasn’t all that bad. I ended up enjoying the development of all the characters.

Yes, this was cheesy and even a little cliché at times, but the story was good…damn good and the ending took a turn I did not expect. It was weird finding the words blurring on me and I even ended up having to reach for a box of tissues as I went into full blown ugly cry.


Sparks’ definitely helped released the emo in me and gave me the emotional release I didn’t realize I was seeking. It is experiences like this that make me pick up books. So I humbly apologize to Mr. Sparks for avoiding his books. I will definitely be picking up more of them. However, I think I’ll pick them up prior to seeing the movie like I did with this one so that I go in with any expectations.

Definitely pick this one up if you have a chance, but as you get towards the end you might want to shut yourself in the privacy of your own home or better yet room because you might find yourself releasing your inner emo like I did. It’s a quick read and the writing was more than I expected. There were even some cute funny moments provided courtesy of Jonah. Despite my crying, the ending was really bittersweet and did it ended on a good note. description