The Princess & the Penis - R.J. Silver Okay, so this is the real reason why I purchased an e-reader. So I can comfortably download and read priceless freebies like this. Seriously, with a title like this I couldn’t resist. So hear me out on my three star rating…this was actually pretty damn funny.

As you can guess this story is a spinoff of the fairy tale story The Princess and the Pea, except instead of a pea it’s a penis of mythical proportions poking the princes in where else, but her rump. hehe. Oh it gets better folks. The princess is a really innocent girl thanks to her overprotective father so she has no idea what is keeping her up at night. When she describes to her parents what is poking out of her mattress that is when the mayhem ensues as they try to get the penis out of her mattress. I’ll keep the details to myself, but I will say there were some hilarious scenes and lines which made this a decent read.