Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake So my initial thought upon finishing this book was: Anna is one badass bitch.

And she is. She really is. But I feel like I should make this into a proper review and tell you why.

Anna is a girl that can rip a man in half and not bother to take names. She turns into a mean territorial bitch whenever someone trespasses into her Victorian home. But, really who can blame her? If teens made you the butt of a joke and you became the spooky living legend of the town wouldn’t you want to teach those mofos a lesson? The beauty of Anna is that there is way more too her. She’s not some murderous bitch seeking revenge. She’s a teen girl who suffered a horrible tragedy. Her story touched me and made me fall in love with her. I think you will feel the same way about her.

The hero, Cas, on the other hand was harder for me to like. That was surprising being that I thought I would like him right off the bat. Cas is a 17 year old badass who kills ghosts with his magical athame inherited from his father. The problem with Cas is that he’s too damn cocky and I wanted to slap him down a few pegs. He grew on me towards the end though.

I got this one for free through the YA Sync Summer program, so originally I was listening to it on audio. Less than a few chapters in I changed over to the ebook. The narrator, August Ross, sounded monotone even during action scenes and his female voices were abysmal. Once I ditched the audio and started concentrating on the story I found Blake’s writing to be absolutely beautiful. The imagery in this book is fantastic. I can’t say that it was a scary book, but there were two scenes in particular that creeped me the fuck out. At one point it was late at night and I had to stop reading because the hair on the back of my neck rose. O_O! Readers who are used to reading horror will most likely find this book not as creepy, but I’m a chicken shit who will read creepy books only during daylight hours with plenty of relaxing reads and shows to purge the images from my head before bedtime. It’s surprising that I read this one late into the night, but I really just couldn’t put it down! I am loving Blake’s brand of creepiness and I can’t wait to read the second book.