Insurgent - Veronica Roth So if you read my review of Divergent you’ll know I wasn’t a big fan to begin with and was really just being a masochist in reading the second one. Well, not a complete masochist, but I was generally curious as to what the hoopla was about with this series. I had read Divergent with a group here on GR and people suggested to read the second one because it explains a lot more…so I did. Did it explain a lot more? Yeah, but just barely.

First off, this book starts off right where Divergent left off. Roth doesn’t waste any time with summaries or previous set up, so if it’s been awhile since you’ve read Divergent you are pretty much screwed. I don’t know if she provided any summaries on her website, but the ecopy I read had none. I actually didn’t mind that she choose to go this route because many times authors waste page time in recapping. It also helped to convey the urgency of a resolution needed after experiencing the chaotic mess left over from Divergent and to set the fast pace.

Unfortunately, the fast pace was short-lived. The story started out good enough, but then Insurgent became a slog fest of teenage angst as Tris and Tobias figured out what side they were on, their relationship status and their emo-ness. There was so much fighting and mistrust between the two that it distracted from the story. I wasn’t sure if this trilogy (I’m really hoping she stops at 3) was supposed to be about their relationship or about the society they are living in or that Tris is this catalyst that sets everything off. It just became an eye-rolling convoluted hot mess and I couldn’t wait for Tris to just slit her freaking wrists already.

Additionally, the writing did not improve much. Although, I do give Roth a little bit props for improving her world building. The “what is exactly a Divergent” question was finally answered and some of the gaping plot holes that were apparent in Divergent are slowly inching its way towards close. The problem is that it took this long to get there and the second book opens up a whole other can of worms. Plus, the reason why people went along with these factions is never really dealt with nor why is Amity allowed out of the gates ever answered. I’m sure readers will have to read the third book to find out, but really come on already. It’s 1,000+ pages of dealing with bullshit, illogical world building for an anticlimactic cliff hanger in book two and even more questions. Enough is enough.